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  • By Lisa - on Reply

    I’d like a sample of what what I would be paying for in terms of a workout, video and catalogs before I sign up. It would be great to get a free week or month to test it out before paying.


    • By Kenton Clairmont - on Reply

      I’m working on a sample workout and video to show what you would be getting into. The nice thing about the payment method, is that is only costs $17.95 to get a month of workouts, and if for some reason, it’s not your thing, then you cancel. If you like the idea of workouts that you can do almost anywhere, and prepare you physically and mentally for any challenge, you’ll love this program.

  • By Izzy - on Reply

    Do you need equipment for this workout? Or is this one of those workouts that uses just your body weight? I have been weight training for about 20 yrs, so my body isn’t built to be slender, am trying to change that now that am getting older and will like some non-weighted workouts that will help me shred and increase my stamina…plus I want to do the challenge in Mesa AZ, April 2015.

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