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Will I drop weight by doing the Train to Hunt program?

Please do not get hung up on scale weight. If you step on a scale, it just gives you a number. There is no info on how what is muscle and what is fat. Building lean mass is key to success. We want to be less concerned with weight and more concerned with our ratio of lean mass to fat. Train to Hunt will provide you with lean mass gain and fat loss. A pound of lean mass takes up far less space than a pound of fat. If you’re already in good shape, you may start this program, gain weight and look drastically leaner. I used to weight 175 or 180 in my early twenties, now I am approaching my thirties and can barely stay in the 150s, although be it I am twice as strong and twice as lean today.

Will I ever be able to remember proper technique?

You bet! We are reprogramming your brain so that you hold perfect posture, core strength, and execute functional movements properly. If you can maintain alignment during workouts you be well upon your way; shoulder blades back and down, the belly button up and in, and the hips stabilized. Your body will soon cooperate and the light switch will stay on without you even thinking about it.

Can I do the Train to Hunt program if I have bad joints?

Probably. For some people, arthritis is self-diagnosed because they have joint pain, which stems from the dysfunction in their body via imbalance and muscle tightness. Train to Hunt was designed to change the tissue in your body so it’s more pliable. By doing the Hybrid Warm-up and AIS rope stretching and using a foam roller, you’re taking stiff tissue and molding it into well lubricated muscles and joints. You can change the muscle by elongating the tissue, breaking up the knots or adhesions, turning on and reprogramming the nervous system, and creating muscle balance. This new environment will keep the muscles in a good mood so to speak and reverse the degrading process and improve overall quality of life.

Will I get big or bulky by doing the Train to Hunt program?

If you train the workouts hard, and eat right and get lots of sleep, you will definitely gain lean mass, lose fat, and yes, you can build muscle mass with the Train To Hunt protocol. Some folks like bodybuilders train for mass. Bodybuilding is usually designed around the utilization of steroids for big time muscle hypertrophy (growth).

The neuroendocrine response of bodybuilding protocols is tainted and minimal without the use of steroids.
The Train To Hunt protocol is designed to elicit a substantial neuroendocrine wallup and packs an anabolic punch that puts on impressive amounts of muscle even though that is not our concern. Becoming a stronger athlete is our primary objective. But, to answer the question, you will gain lean mass undoubtedly.

The pull-ups in Train to Hunt look like cheating. Why aren’t they strict?

The pull-ups pictured are called “kipping” pull-ups. Kipping allows more work to be done in less time, thus increasing power output. It is also a full-body coordination movement when performed correctly, which applies more functionally to real-life application of pulling skills. Finally, the hip motion of an effective kip mirrors the motion of the olympic lifts as well as kettlebell swings, adding to it’s function as a posterior-chain developer.

If you’re starting Train to Hunt and you’re overweight, you might not lose as much scale weight as you expect. But since you’re reducing fat and increasing muscle, you’ll look leaner and end up stronger than with traditional diet plans that promote weight loss, which is predominantly temporary, without building lean mass.


What’s the deal with carbohydrates; yes or no?

For every gram of carbohydrate you eat, you will store 3 grams of water…this is not a bad thing and will keep you hydrated and satiated. Low-carb diets leave your body deficient in many vitamins and minerals and lack fiber. We advocate carbs, as long as they’re paleo in nature (i.e. fruits and vegetables). The longer the carbohydrate source takes to break down in your body, the better.

Nuts and oils seem to be high in fat. Are they bad for you?

Nuts provide good, unsaturated fats and are a great source of protein and fiber. A handful is healthy, breaks down in digestion slowly, and are very convenient. I give nuts the nod as a fabulous fat source!

How much water should I drink?

Drink as much water as you can. If you’re not hydrated enough, you’re going to have a false sense of appetite and limited ability to perform your workouts. Hydration aids in flexibility, strength, energy levels, and helps flush out the wastes. Drink a minimum of 96 fluid ounces of water a day. Yes coffee and can count towards this total if need be.

What about supplements?

This can be a can of worms so let me keep it short and simple. Eat as many as whole foods as possible, supplement your diet with a solid daily multi-vitamin. I always consume a post workout shake that has some protein, carbs, and fats immediately after the workout. Beyond that, you might want to consider a digestive enzyme complex, which helps the body get the most out of foods. Take that with every meal. You could add some vitamin C for its antioxidant properties and take it early in the morning or evening. I have also found joint-support formulas to work well and may help you along the way. The supplements that I take regularly is Wilderness Athlete Daily Multi, Hydrate & Recover, and Meal Replacement.

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What gear do I need?

Bring all archery related gear for a typical 3D shoot as well as outdoor clothing that you are comfortable working out in.

Was wondering if the challenge was open for people to come out and see, or just for competitors?

This is definitely a spectator sport. Come out and cheer on your favorite competitor.

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