Train To Hunt was born out of necessity. All hunters alike want to hunt harder, longer, and farther. Fitness is the only piece of equipment that you can make better or worse. The team at Train To Hunt wants to extend wellness and longevity as well as improve performance for hunters. The workouts  are a launching pad for serious outdoor enthusiast who want to learn the best way to be fit for their sport. Athletes hunt, and we have the formula to make you a better mountain athlete. Whether you’re a flatlander, hunt out West, or past your prime, we want to make you a better hunter through fitness. Our online program is designed to be your coach, trainer, and guide as you shape up for your passion. Thank you for choosing to Train To Hunt.

What is Train To Hunt?

Meet the Train To Hunt Team

Kenton Clairmont- Founder/Owner/CEO

Working out and Hunting are the two things that Kenton has always loved to do. He was a four sport athlete in high school, a state champ in wrestling and a collegiate baseball player.   After a year in the minor leagues he returned  to school for his Masters degree in Sports Psychology.  After graduation he began his career as a personal trainer, and it was his love for hunting, the outdoors, and helping people that inspired him to start Train To Hunt.  He is an avid bowhunter, and fitness coach. He loves spending time with his wife and three young kids in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. MS Sports Psychology University of Idaho BS Physical Education LC State CrossFit Level I Coach National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES)

Ryan Clairmont- COO

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.35.22 PM

Ryan Clairmont spent 10½ years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army serving 4 years as an Infantry Officer and the remainder as a Physician Assistant. He has lived or served in every corner of the world. He has a wonderful wife of 10 years Kristy and 2 daughters Madison, 7 years old and Taylor 3 years old. “My family is always my number one priority in life as they have made many sacrifices during my Army career.” He currently serve in the U.S. Public Health Services as a Commissioned Corps Officer working for Homeland Security and resides in Tuson, AZ. His passion for the outdoors stems from his dad passing his love of the outdoors and passion for big game hunting down to he and my brother since they were old enough to walk. He is a firm believer that hard work and fitness are true equalizers in pursuing big game animals. He believes in true, do-it-yourself hunting. “Testing yourself against an animal, on his turf, will quickly make you realize he has the advantage in every way. By committing yourself to staying fit and setting goals, that advantage can be reduced and make you a better predator.” He is always looking for ways to test himself, pushing his body and mind to its limits. “Sitting on an alpine ridge anticipating daybreak is where I belong and where I will continue to find myself whenever life allows me the opportunity.”

Levi Day- Train To Hunt Director (Idaho)

Levis bio pic

Levi Day grew up in central Oregon with hunting and the outdoor lifestyle as a passion. As a high school, collegiate, and professional athlete, Levi learned at a young age the importance of physical fitness to improve performance. Levi now applies the same dedication to fitness that he once did in rodeo, to becoming the best predator he can be. In the past, Levi was mainly a rifle hunter. He dedicated his time to becoming an accomplished long- range hunter; spending countless hours shooting, doing research, and fine tuning his equipment. During this time, he realized that every intricate part of his hunting “system “contributed to making him a more effective hunter. And that, not any one piece of equipment was more important than his physical and mental ability. “The mountains a very unforgiving,” says Levi. He continues, “Being physically fit will enable you to hunt deeper, hunt longer, and keep you hunting well past the years you thought you had.” Even though Levi is a passionate long-range hunter, he now spends the majority of his hunting season pounding the mountains with archery tackle. The one thing that has not changed is his unwavering commitment to being as physically and mentally prepared as possible. Currently residing in Weiser, Idaho, with his wife Jennifer, Levi works as a middle school teacher. He spends the majority of his time in the outdoors, enjoying all of God’s creation with family and friends.

Matthew Ament- Train To Hunt Director (Arizona)

Matthew Ament

Matthew grew up in the Midwest with a .22 or 12 gauge in his hand. Most of his hunting was done in the strip timber of NW Missouri or the fence rows and railroad tracks of SE Nebraska. His entire childhood was split between competitive sports and his outdoor adventures. In the Midwest, Whitetail deer and turkey were the animals of choice and plentiful. Given the generous bag limits, he found himself wanting a bigger challenge. That is when he picked up bow hunting, and in 20 years he has never looked back to the gun. “Bow Hunting demands that you are always on top of your game and in peak physical condition. The smallest mistake either with your aim or your approach can make or break your entire season.” He took this passion of bow hunting and moved west. Landing in Arizona, he found his true love. Elk hunting! From the bugle of a fired up bull to the color of the birch trees, Elk hunting has captured his soul. He trains and prepares 10 months a year for the 2 months of elk season. Pairing his devotion to archery and passion with extreme physical fitness, he considers himself a new breed of hunter. A hunter who makes no excuses, but rather looks for ways to get results. Over trained and over prepared! Bring on September!! Expanding his passion to include other like-minded individuals, he started a small site ( This site was started to help others have a place to share their experiences, stories, videos and pictures without fear of judgment.

Brock Akers -Train To Hunt Director (Washington State)


Growing up in hunting family, it was expected that Brock would take to hunting at an early age. Spending most of his childhood in the duck blind with his Dad, he was eager to take part in the harvest himself.  Passing his hunter safety course at the age of 9 and taking his first buck that fall was all it took for him to be hooked. Between deer camp each October & weekend trips to eastern Washington waterfowl hunting, time was pretty much consumed.  However education was stressed by his parents as the number one priority. He graduated from Renton Technical College in 2008 with a certification in Engineering Design & Technology and has been working in the design/drafting field since then. His current job allows for flexible dates which in turn means a generous hunting season.
Aside from hunting in his home state of Washington, Brock also hunts Idaho & Montana while building points in several other states. He competed in Train to Hunt events in Arizona, Idaho & Colorado in 2013 and took 2nd place in the inaugural National Championship in the Men’s Open division. You can follow Brock on Facebook and Instagram.

Ray Hibnes- Train To Hunt Director (Montana)

Ray Hibnes

Ray Hibnes was born and raised in Montana, and currently makes his home in Butte. Growing up, Ray’s time was spent participating in school and athletics, including basketball, baseball, and rode, as well as helping with the family business. In 2001, he went to college at Montana Tech for Computer Science where he walked on to the football team. By his junior and senior years, he was receiving a full ride scholarship as an offensive lineman on teams with back-to-back national playoff berths. Following college, he continued his interest in fitness, eventually finding CrossFit, and then Train To Hunt. During this time, Ray’s interest in hunting continued to grow, and in 2008 he bought his first bow and hunted his first archery season in Montana. Ray’s love of hunting has led him to become a student of many aspects of the sport, including fitness, long range shooting, and as of late, archery.

• High School: Basketball – 4 years, Rodeo – 3 years, Football – 1 year.

  • College: Montana Tech Football Offensive Center/Guard– 5 years.
  • 2 years MT Tech Asst. Offensive Line Coach
  •  2 years CrossFit Trainer,
  • 1 year Olympic Lifting Trainer
  •  2013 Blackfoot, ID TTH Challenge – 2nd  Place Men’s Open.
  •  2014 Blackfoot, ID TTH Challenge Qualifier – 3rd  Place Men’s Open.
  •  2014 Train To Hunt National Championships – 3rd  Place Men’s Open.

Will Bradley- Train To Hunt Director (New York)

Will Bradley

Will lives in Barneveld, NY where he owns Bradley Construction with his father, and lives with his fiancée Melanie and their two small dogs.  He was born and raised in upstate New York, where the concept, image, and ideas of hunting are deeply rooted in the culture. As a Train to Hunt Director living in the North East, Will brings a new affinity and cultural concept to the impression and perception of the term “hunter athlete”. Although Will wasn’t “born” into a hunting family, his love for nature and the outdoors has always run through his blood. He spent many hours upland bird hunting and fly fishing with his grandfather in Adirondacks in his youth, and in 2012 Will took this passion for the outdoors to the next level, as he purchased his first bow. Will is a passionate bow hunter, and an avid CrossFit athlete, and as the paths of fitness, bow hunting began to intersect the Train to Hunt organization became the obvious choice on how to move forward and how to express, and share his appreciation for the sport. “My whole life I have always had a desire to take on new challenges and push myself out of my comfort zone. Being a hunter athlete is a never ending challenge where the word comfort is seldom used.  You have to always push yourself past you limits physically and mentally to find success. A hunter athlete must go farther than others have travelled before and push themselves well outside the boundaries of what is thought to be conventional hunting. It is on the edge of these limits we define our sport.  There is no offseason there are no breaks.”  Becoming a hunter is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Jason West MPT, MBA, CSCS -Train To Hunt Director (Utah)

Jason West

I have been a practicing Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in the Salt Lake City, Utah area since 2002.  Growing up and living in the Wasatch, I have a deep love for many outdoor sports, with my favorites of skiing, climbing, mtn biking, back packing and have recently enjoyed a return to hunting.  Outdoor sports motivated my career choice as a way to not only keep myself skiing at a high level after potential injuries but more importantly learn strategies to avoid injury and maximize my athletic abilities. I am passionate about helping people recover from acute injury, surgery and chronic limitations and then take their performance to a higher level as I believe passion to pursue our chosen sport, activity or competition provides the best motivation for a long-term active lifestyle. I am excited to be part of Train To Hunt and offer TTH Training Camps, Injury Prevention Seminars and TTH Challenge Prep. You can contact me at:

Jason West MPT, MBA, CSCS
Ultimate Sports Performance & Rehabilitation
1098 W South Jordan Parkway
Suite 101 South Jordan? UT? 84095

Clint Meyer – Train To Hunt Director (South Dakota)

Gun Barrer (1 of 1)

Clint Meyer is a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force, currently stationed at

Ellsworth AFB, SD keeping the B-One in the air. He is about to complete his 12th year of active duty

service with over 1000 days of that being away from home station. . His wife Tiffany, young son Boyd

and unborn child due November 2014 are his main priority, followed closely by training to hunt and

volunteering as firefighter with Rapid Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. He is originally from Montana

where he returns as much as possible to hunt elk. Two years ago when a hunt was altered due to

fitness limitations he decided then and there he was going to change his outlook on training for

hunting. Some internet research and TTH was found and now fitness will never be a limiting factor

again. While on his most recent deployment dreaming of being stateside he came to the realization

successful hunters aren’t lucky they make their own “luck” by training to be the best they can be. He

now trains with the words “The Mountains never quite” in the forefront of his mind. He recently

earned his CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer Certificate. With that he will pass on the

knowledge and experience with weekly mobility videos and WODs for the TTH community.


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